13 July 2011


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hmmm...haven't posted since april....
anyway....i haven't done about anything actually..... honnestly....absolutely anything ,

i'm pretty much useless , my depression makes me very sleepy and tired ...
but....somehow , i feel good...i'm at my parents house now...
~~~~ fuaaa~~ the weather is KILLER hot

due to boredom my eyebrows turned pink

aw! aw! aw! these are the awesomeness posters from the absolute angel that is Madbunny

hhhng!!! yawnintroducing you to Wan-kuma

28 April 2011

it's time is past

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my posts are so rare....

HAPPY EASTER!!!! in the first place

i've been feeling so much better in the last time...it seams my depression treatment is working

but still... i feel sorry for losing a big part of this spring , my fav. season
i tried to it recover slowly

my bunny earcovers from MBunny THANK YOU!!!!

18 April 2011

Nina L'elixir f***ing awesome

love Pictures, Images and Photos

uuuuhhhh... i feel so bad i've discoverd it this late