17 November 2010

sick, in pain, i'm ok

pig knife

'ey blog, how's it been ???
cuz for me , wasn't that nice u know...
first, i felt like died for one moment, and in the next moment i woke up at the Emergency room
it was just a massive lack of calcium
but this is only one part of the problem
the other one is in my head... and it demands expensive investigation
it doesn't seem that serious but it makes me week and useless
and consumes my patience in seeing my parents worried all the time
the thing i want the most is to STOP

ps. i miss you MBunny !!!!!!!

03 November 2010

going home

pig knife

i'm going home tomorrow, because of some health problems...
i really felt bad... REALLY F***ING BAD these days
...actually i still feel bad
i'll be back here* on Monday

Gaara is in the manga AGAIN !!!!