29 October 2010

let me in, brrrrrrrr

pig knife

i'm reading this book... vampires again...
i wanna read it before i watch the movie (if that would ever be the chase)
dark and bloody action again (≖‿≖)

18 October 2010

Kuro chap.50

pig knife

Kuroshitsuji chapter 50
i found it (´・ω・`)

wondering around❥ PhoToPost

pig knife

a day of wondering around in the town with MBunny-chan
we've been in the old city area... i love that place

and thennn... we went to... uhhn? how should i call it?? commercial center .. or mall ???
...is it one and the same thing.... i wonder...

somethings from the inside

yea (^___^) this is just the game area

and i bought this... thingy.. see the dinosaurus!!! if you put them in the water they GROW!!!!

and these are the magical presents that MBunny-chan gave me (ノ゚ο゚)ノ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
alice t-shirt
and Haribo
I LOVE THEM ありか゛とう こ゛さ゛い ます~~

my wallpaper... >___< ... kills me

11 October 2010

finally have them❥

pig knife

i got these today
whitening face mask

(aww...how i dreamed for you !!! (^ε^) )

and Kitty pendant

05 October 2010

1st f***ing day

pig knife
(actually yesterday)... i actually been there , at the beginning of my university year, in a large and cold ...thing-roon
anyway... nothing interesting or notable actually happened
but today was defintively EXTREMELY shitty..

i woke up
at 4 something in the morning with a cold...

it rained on me on my way to school ...

my nose was like a turned on faucet

waited about 2 hours in the same big classroom JUST me and one of my new colleges... wich was more than 10 years older than me ( and i was thinking i wolud be like the oldest in my class) he was a really OK guy

aaaaand.... i only had 2 courses ... the first was nice, i liked it, it was history mostly... the teacher was old but nice , he was the Minister of Culture some time ago... and he shows up on tv 0__O...

the other one, NOT my kind of teacher, i hate the interactive teacher, he made us introduce ourselves in front of the others !!! EMBARASIIIINGGG!!!! (>__<") i only babbled my name and my age... and then added "i don't have anything interesting to say about me" and walk the hell back to my place , but some others seemed really excited, and freely characterized themselves anyway i was relieved to see some as shy as i was , it made me feel more secure in my skin...

ps. that bloody cute piglet will be at the beginning of my posts from now on