31 January 2010


i heard on tv today a song that i used to love when i was in h-school  : Kelly Clarkson- "Walk away" got it !!!! its in my phone now (*^o^*)

nd btw.... i didn't got out of my pajama today 

26 January 2010

so cold

its been so cold there days!!!.... last night were -21゚C, and now are -9゚C outside ...and all the week will be like this Funny

global warming my ass ...

23 January 2010


we will, we will rock u !!!!!

(this iz what's playing on tv rite now)

20 January 2010


there are -7 ゚C outside, the snow is like 1 meter high 


i want summer (-__-;)

04 January 2010


i'm back funny  i spent my holiday in my home town with my family ....

this is my bear, i have it since i was 9