16 June 2010

no meaning

i had my kitty earrings today (^ ^)Y

i was lucky to eat a bunch of sweets today
and also , i've almost forgot the feeling of not-doing-groceries-yourself and just sit home and wait for the goodies to come
kiwi icecream (^ ^)


15 June 2010


i went out with A. again (^__^)

i also had some exam but i didn't  studied anything ≧ω≦

random sweets i drooled over

tarot cards notebook that A. bought

my iced cappuccino & creme brule

aaaand also on my way home i stopped at Accessorize and bought some stickers to personalize my cellphone... it looked too normal for my taste, and also i bought some kitty earrings 
A. bought some Bleach-like hell-butterflyes earrings (^__^)

11 June 2010

m(_ _)m

ok, now even more happened since my last post

for the first time in my life i called an ambulance  --> it was for myself , i started to feel so bad that i couldn't get up... and i had a panic attack because i was all by myself 

i also moved from where i was staying...it's pretty nice, my room is certainly bigger

i've also cut about 4cm of my hair

and.... i guess the last of my list is that i changed my Internet connection ... as i'm using my cellphone as a modem ( ・_・) and it's working hhhhhardd and it's pretty much freakin' expensive
...pissing me off(>д<) 凸
i'm gonna start studying a little bit...i have exams ahead, and i also lost pretty much of them because of my sickness

03 June 2010

these days

well...much happened lately, i had some health problems 

i'll talk about it maybe next time


i went on walk with my friend A. yesterday , beautiful beautiful day ! (^__^) it was cool and cloudy and even rained pretty hard at one time 


we found this somewhere in the park, i think it's new, never saw it before...the clock rings a lovely melody (-__-)

my snickers when they were still dry

me & A.

tehe (^__^) i also made myself that sparkly banner from my photos today