29 September 2010

mooooooved ( ̄へ  ̄)

the new school year will start in 2 days....and i just moved again ...

i'm starting too get weeey to accustomed to this ...and i better do so , because i'm a freshman again ...
so 3 more years of wondering from place to place
after being kicked out in the street from my host in my 1 st year,
and after finding out that my room mate was a NASTY and CRAPPY person and after being abandoned and completely alone for 3 months in my 2nd year ,
here begins a new 1st year of god-knows-what !!!

i'm a little nervous of knowing my new classmates...i'm convinced i'll look like FREAK to all of them (i always did) ,
i don't want to be praised i want to be left alone ...

HERE I GO !!!!

ps.Hey!!! Mad Bunny I"M IN TOWN❤ anxious to see you (^___^)

27 September 2010

PHoTOPoST: ❤Rainy day❤

20 September 2010

new hair

tooo shoooort

16 September 2010


i have an appointment at the hair salon tomorrow....
i have no idea what i want them to do with my hair (
>__<) but i really need something to be done, cuz it looks messy - a spitting image of an overused broom (‘~’)

i got this phone charm a week ago...it tooked me loooong to choose from all of them... but ... i don't know why i remained with this blueish Snoopy

08 September 2010


i'm leaving twords the Capital tomorrow...i'll be stayn' till Monday
i can't wait to see Bucharest ,in autumn it looks the best

i hope i have enough time to see A, i miss her m(u_u)m

so さよなら

┗(^o^ )┓☆ ★

in sfarsit, am reusit sa dorm in cort...sau mai bine zis, am reusit sa stau in cort toata noaptea
verisoara mea Roxy m-a vizitat , sapt. trecuta ... siiii... pentru ca se plictisea... iar la mine la tara nu exista NIMIC interesant de facut...m-a traznit ideea de a instala cortul
nu e prima data cand incerc sa dorm afara...prima data , acum vreo 5 ani l-am instalat in cea de-a 2a curte.... dar atmosfera de acolo noaptea mi se parea mult prea creeeeepy (✖╭╮✖) asa ca l-am abandonat peste noapte acolo, insa de data asta l-am instalat in prima curte cat mai aproape de casa .....si a meeers (^__^) chiar am reusit sa ramanem acolo toata noapteeea

a fost distractiv.... chiar daca diferenta de varsta dintre noi e de vreo 7 ani ( ・_・)

01 September 2010

for the first time ever

i'm posting from my phone ...
it's annoing
but it will be usefull in school (>__<)¤