27 March 2010

i'm leaving

i'm gonna go home tomorrow morning
my parents are coming to get me a week earlier
yeeey ≧(´▽`)≦
i'll go pack

26 March 2010


i always believed that caffeine addiction was a lie, an exaggeration....
but i have to admit that i'm guilty for this one.... or at least i'm guilty for drinking coffee after 6PM
it's a very very bad bad habit
i look like a vampire ... i think i actually freaked out one of my neighbors when i entered the hallway (tehe (°□°;) )
naah! whatever

mmm! yummy Photobucket 

22 March 2010

gradina cu artisti

am fost acum 2 zile cu A. ...
erau atat de multe chestii incat de-abia am apucat sa fac niste poze...

btw..... ma simt raaaaaaauuuuuu....(^~^)


10 March 2010

i did eeeet

omg! i managed to make am Ameba blog.... even if my japanese is pretty lame

i'm pretty proud of myself.... i really love their blogging system


06 March 2010

i haz

omg! omg! omg! i have a puppy! i have a puppy! i have a puppy! ヾ(゜v ゜*)ノ~♡

i named him Kuki

01 March 2010

kuroshitsuji season 2

ouch.... this is Kuroshitsuji season 2 ...i'm angry but i must admit that new the master looks absolutely adorable... really androgynous, his appearance hits right between boy and girl  ... and his clothes..... like ouch 

still for the moment this barely compensate the replacement of Sebastian and Ciel.... (︶︿︶)