26 December 2010

☆ HORAAAAAAY!!!!!!!☆

pig knife
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` * ..:Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!

yeeeeey !!!!!!

i hope Santa binged everybody exactly what thgey wished for

i initially was going to choose only one of these pics
but they all seemed too cute ( ^ ω ^ )

01 December 2010

first ☆ snow

pig knife
first snow of this winter , a real good reason to smile (๑→ܫ←๑)
and it's also the national day of my country ,
could't find a better scenery ,
and also.... Momo invaded my travel bag
actually he does the same thing whenever he encounters a bag or a purse, or a backpack ...

MadBunny, hope you get all well real soon
miss you (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

17 November 2010

sick, in pain, i'm ok

pig knife

'ey blog, how's it been ???
cuz for me , wasn't that nice u know...
first, i felt like died for one moment, and in the next moment i woke up at the Emergency room
it was just a massive lack of calcium
but this is only one part of the problem
the other one is in my head... and it demands expensive investigation
it doesn't seem that serious but it makes me week and useless
and consumes my patience in seeing my parents worried all the time
the thing i want the most is to STOP

ps. i miss you MBunny !!!!!!!

03 November 2010

going home

pig knife

i'm going home tomorrow, because of some health problems...
i really felt bad... REALLY F***ING BAD these days
...actually i still feel bad
i'll be back here* on Monday

Gaara is in the manga AGAIN !!!!

29 October 2010

let me in, brrrrrrrr

pig knife

i'm reading this book... vampires again...
i wanna read it before i watch the movie (if that would ever be the chase)
dark and bloody action again (≖‿≖)

18 October 2010

Kuro chap.50

pig knife

Kuroshitsuji chapter 50
i found it (´・ω・`)

wondering around❥ PhoToPost

pig knife

a day of wondering around in the town with MBunny-chan
we've been in the old city area... i love that place

and thennn... we went to... uhhn? how should i call it?? commercial center .. or mall ???
...is it one and the same thing.... i wonder...

somethings from the inside

yea (^___^) this is just the game area

and i bought this... thingy.. see the dinosaurus!!! if you put them in the water they GROW!!!!

and these are the magical presents that MBunny-chan gave me (ノ゚ο゚)ノ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
alice t-shirt
and Haribo
I LOVE THEM ありか゛とう こ゛さ゛い ます~~

my wallpaper... >___< ... kills me

11 October 2010

finally have them❥

pig knife

i got these today
whitening face mask

(aww...how i dreamed for you !!! (^ε^) )

and Kitty pendant

05 October 2010

1st f***ing day

pig knife
(actually yesterday)... i actually been there , at the beginning of my university year, in a large and cold ...thing-roon
anyway... nothing interesting or notable actually happened
but today was defintively EXTREMELY shitty..

i woke up
at 4 something in the morning with a cold...

it rained on me on my way to school ...

my nose was like a turned on faucet

waited about 2 hours in the same big classroom JUST me and one of my new colleges... wich was more than 10 years older than me ( and i was thinking i wolud be like the oldest in my class) he was a really OK guy

aaaaand.... i only had 2 courses ... the first was nice, i liked it, it was history mostly... the teacher was old but nice , he was the Minister of Culture some time ago... and he shows up on tv 0__O...

the other one, NOT my kind of teacher, i hate the interactive teacher, he made us introduce ourselves in front of the others !!! EMBARASIIIINGGG!!!! (>__<") i only babbled my name and my age... and then added "i don't have anything interesting to say about me" and walk the hell back to my place , but some others seemed really excited, and freely characterized themselves anyway i was relieved to see some as shy as i was , it made me feel more secure in my skin...

ps. that bloody cute piglet will be at the beginning of my posts from now on

29 September 2010

mooooooved ( ̄へ  ̄)

the new school year will start in 2 days....and i just moved again ...

i'm starting too get weeey to accustomed to this ...and i better do so , because i'm a freshman again ...
so 3 more years of wondering from place to place
after being kicked out in the street from my host in my 1 st year,
and after finding out that my room mate was a NASTY and CRAPPY person and after being abandoned and completely alone for 3 months in my 2nd year ,
here begins a new 1st year of god-knows-what !!!

i'm a little nervous of knowing my new classmates...i'm convinced i'll look like FREAK to all of them (i always did) ,
i don't want to be praised i want to be left alone ...

HERE I GO !!!!

ps.Hey!!! Mad Bunny I"M IN TOWN❤ anxious to see you (^___^)

27 September 2010

PHoTOPoST: ❤Rainy day❤

20 September 2010

new hair

tooo shoooort

16 September 2010


i have an appointment at the hair salon tomorrow....
i have no idea what i want them to do with my hair (
>__<) but i really need something to be done, cuz it looks messy - a spitting image of an overused broom (‘~’)

i got this phone charm a week ago...it tooked me loooong to choose from all of them... but ... i don't know why i remained with this blueish Snoopy

08 September 2010


i'm leaving twords the Capital tomorrow...i'll be stayn' till Monday
i can't wait to see Bucharest ,in autumn it looks the best

i hope i have enough time to see A, i miss her m(u_u)m

so さよなら

┗(^o^ )┓☆ ★

in sfarsit, am reusit sa dorm in cort...sau mai bine zis, am reusit sa stau in cort toata noaptea
verisoara mea Roxy m-a vizitat , sapt. trecuta ... siiii... pentru ca se plictisea... iar la mine la tara nu exista NIMIC interesant de facut...m-a traznit ideea de a instala cortul
nu e prima data cand incerc sa dorm afara...prima data , acum vreo 5 ani l-am instalat in cea de-a 2a curte.... dar atmosfera de acolo noaptea mi se parea mult prea creeeeepy (✖╭╮✖) asa ca l-am abandonat peste noapte acolo, insa de data asta l-am instalat in prima curte cat mai aproape de casa .....si a meeers (^__^) chiar am reusit sa ramanem acolo toata noapteeea

a fost distractiv.... chiar daca diferenta de varsta dintre noi e de vreo 7 ani ( ・_・)