24 April 2010


i haz nail stuff

aaand i also saw swans in the park

sleepy swan (^__^☆)

12 April 2010

late ミ☆

i woke up kinda late (again) i had my breakfast around 1 PM
probably because i felled asleep late last night... i had to rearrange all my clothes, as i'm changing my winter wardrobe with the summer one ... i have a few new items too ^__^
anyway...i was supposed to pay my rent today... but my room mate is nowhere to be found (pissing me off ( ̄へ  ̄) 凸 )
...but somehow i'm happy to remain indoors all day, i'm not in the mood of freaking off innocent people with my zombie face


my new glittery nail polish ^__^

my breakfast ^__^

my new necklace ... from my aunt ♡

my...uhh legs