26 February 2010

study time ミ☆ ★

ok, it's almost midnight..... i'm gonna start studying hello kitty


20 February 2010

i got back

i got back today... i'm a little tired 

a fost dragut, n-am iesit mai deloc din casa ...si desigur cand s-a terminat vacanta, s-a facut si vremea frumoasa (︶︿︶)

05 February 2010

i'm going ☆

i'll go  home to my parents tomorrow, just  for one week, that's how long my vacation is 

i'll take my laptop, ( no..  i won't have  Interne)t ...it's so heavy...  i still don't know how to fit it in my luggage funny

02 February 2010


i found some old drawings toady... most of them are from last year , and also some are made near my college notes ( ・_・)

01 February 2010


it's so pretty outside funny  the snow flakes are as big as blankets (^∀^)

the pics are taken from my kitchen's window , while i was doing breakfast