31 August 2010


i changed didn't it....well
i was thinking of it for a while now
i became dot-obsessed lately... it shows i guess
it turned out really girly....pretty weird , i don't actually feel like that
it rained all day ... i feel reaaaaly dizzy
time to go to sleep

12 August 2010

decisions, decisions, decisions

so many decisions to take in this period
for me and my family
it's a miracle i'm managing to keep myself rather calm
even if, my sleeping problems came back again
Momo is reeeealy energetic ... jumps and runs everywhere,
but he got 'sleeping' as a second job
it's also getting fatter and bigger everyday (゜□゜)...

this month it's compromised for me... and septembr seems alike m(u_u)m i have to put myself together a little bit (^___^) gotta keep going ! so GO! GO! GO!!!!