25 January 2011


pig knife


i honestly don't remember getting this bored....EVER in my life

i usually tolerate boredom..... but this... is tooooo much

i have nothing to do ...NOTHIIIING

well it's true that i missed all my exams...and uhhh... that means i should like, study,...

but c'mon there are 5 moths until June...

aaand...also it seams that because of the anxiety syndrome i developed in this two months, my

learning and basically concentrating abilities are not at their highest peek

also... i have this crazy desire to do something RADICAL to my hair (no....it doesn't include

getting bald щ(゚Д゚щ ) ) ...

i'm thinking for a loooooong time at bleaching, but no, noooo, it is really too damaging ( i had my

ends bleached this summer...they looked like a broom, i cut them after a week)

and there is no way i'm cutting it boy-like short either....


yea... finally, i think i'll just find some wacky color or something


i'm in love ❤ with my new cup ❤ ❤ ❤

this is the first Rilakkuma item i own

i freakin' love Rilakkuma❤

05 January 2011

❤can i ?........❤

pig knife

hey..... can i say " Happy new year!!!!!" on 5 january ???

Happy new year!!!!! Everynyan ( ^ ω ^ )!!!!!!!

it's Rabbit year so.... Glory to you MadBunny

list of what i want this year:


★ to spend much more time with my friends

★ to get healthy

★ to do more photos

★ to have a healthy hair so i can do many things to it

★ to loose some weight... because i gained ALOT lately

★to get a job

★ to pass every single fu**ing exam i'll take

★to try to eat only healthy food (this will be the hard one)

★ to drink more water (than juice)

★ to call people more often

★to have money so i can give presents to everynyan

★aaaaaand everyone i know to be completely healthy and to have a wonderful life